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We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating so we've put together some FAQs below to help you prepare for your visit. We want everyone to feel comfortable and at home when they visit Pine Grove Bible Church.

Join Us: New Members
  • What is a typical Sunday Service like?
    At every Sunday service, you will experience friendly people, hope-filled music and an approachable message. The typical service starts with a greeting and announcements. We then sing three or four songs. After that, Pastor JJ delivers a 30 minute message. After the sermon, we usually sing one or two more songs before dismissing. If it is the first Sunday of the month, we also take communion. After the service, there are refreshments available in the lobby where many people stay to chat.
  • What should I wear to church?
    You can wear whatever you feel comfortable with! Most of our attendees like to dress up a little bit, but it isn't uncommon for others to wear jeans and a t-shirt.
  • When should I arrive?
    Sunday service starts at 10am, so you should arrive a few minutes early to grab some coffee in the lobby and find a seat.
  • Do you have something for children?
    We have lots of families with young children at Pine Grove and we would love for you to bring your kids too!. All children are welcome to participate in the service or attend the children's ministry available during the sermon if they are under 5 years old.
  • Do I need to donate?
    No, we don't require anyone to donate money to the church. We do have an opportunity to give during the service to support the church.
  • Do you offer communion?
    We offer communion on the first Sunday of each month as an opportunity to corporately remember Christ's sacrifice for us. There is a rotation of individuals who bring the communion message from month to month.
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