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Pine Grove Bible Church is a part of a conference of connected churches called the Church of God General Conference based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  By working as a conference, we are able to do things on a larger scale.  For more information and to learn about some of the organizations, check out the links below.


We are an association of churches which work in cooperation with one another to proclaim the one true God of the universe - the Father himself; Jesus the Messiah, our savior and lord, and the coming kingdom of God.  This conference unites the churches within the United States, and also across the world.

The Minnesota State Conference helps to unite the churches within the state that are a part of the General Conference.  Through camps, weekend retreats, and conferences, opportunities are offered for like-minded believers to worship together.

The Missions Society exists to support and encourage the local churches in reaching out to the world with the message of the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ and to form a united front through which to accomplish the work of missions.


At Atlanta Bible College, faith, ministry, and academics collide into a life-changing educational experience for all.  They strive for students to grow their faith and deepen their relationship with God, our Father, who created us and his Son, Christ Jesus, who redeemed us.

Lord's Harvest International is the missions arm of the General Conference.  They strive to encourage, strengthen, and support churches, children, and families for the Kingdom of God worldwide.  


Turning Point Youth Ministries is an organization dedicated to connecting young persons of faith with one another in an effort to deepen their relationship through Christ.  Through conferences, retreats, Bible studies and more that happen throughout the year, teens and young adults are able to serve, worship, fellowship, and dive into the Word with one another.

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