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The Noah Flood: A World Changed

There will be a free screening of The Noah Flood: A World Changed at Pine Grove Bible Church on Friday, May 17th at 6:30 PM.

This should be a fun opportunity to watch a movie while focusing on spreading the Gospel.

For additional information, please contact

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The NOAH Flood is an ambitious 90-minute documentary film targeted for theatrical distribution, taking a fresh look at the story of Noah’s Flood. The film takes a hard look back at the people who were involved in the creation of today’s ubiquitous teaching of evolution. Focusing in on the major founders of this teaching and on the unmistakable geologic evidence left by the Flood of Noah, this story sheds new light on the theory of evolution, the history of which has become forgotten. Yet this theory is seemingly irrefutable for many of today’s youth. By revisiting these powerful stories through a modern lens, this film provides an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage and enlighten a new generation.

Watch the trailer on our YouTube page.

How did this movie come about?

For many people, especially young people, the Flood of Noah has become nothing more than a childhood fairytale, with no real connection to reality. And, yet the theory of evolution has become a FACT in those same impressionable minds. This documentary reaches out to those young minds with a rare glimpse of history, and an even rarer glimpse at the evidence and science of the Flood and the Ark that survived it.

How did a society so radically change from a solid belief in God and His Creation to an even more solid denouncement of it? Where is the evidence of the Flood? What lessons can we learn from this takeover of hearts and minds? What scars are left behind after all these years?

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